Linda Schultheis

Record Sleeve Design

As the themes of the vinyl sleeve for American band „Made in Heights“ I chose to go forward with relationships, interconnectedness and human interaction in general. To illustrate these I worked with a moiré effect for the front cover: I wanted the observer to experience how relationships can change and how they differ in everyone’s perception. I created a delicate line graphic with many intersections and superimpositions to reflect on human relations. I used only black and white to put emphasis on the two musicians involved, working to complement each other. The front cover is two centimeters shorter than the secondary layer to imply the differences we encounter in our relationships: Every human being is an individual and most of the time, meeting each other is not exactly perfect. Since we are all different sometimes this creates friction and conflict. To further the thought the sleeve should not be something that is idle or stiff. I used the sliding of the sleeve as an interactive element for people to communicate with the record sleeve.