Linda Schultheis

Various print Projects

Task: Words about creativity are to be interpreted with creativity. Part of creativity is the generation of a moment of surprise. My concept in laying out the piece was exactly this: To surprise the reader. I used three different formats and two different types of paper for my design. The positioning of the text is unusual to say the least and it delivered a great deal of confusion at first. To avoid a confused audience, I created a color guidance system to give back a sense of orientation. A bar introduces each page and paragraph, noticeably shrinking towards the end of the text.
This project was for unaccompanied underage refugees. Our goal was to improve communication and reduce misconceptions between guardians and refugees. These children have seen horrible things and been through situations which no one should ever have to endure, especially not at their age. Most of them didn’t have a childhood as we know it. They had to be grownups immediately in order to take care of themselves. We wanted to give them back at least a small portion of their tender years in an uncomplicated way. We wanted them to have fun, interact with each other and ideally learn something, including basic German language skills. The product also had to be easy to reproduce and distribute, which led us to the idea of a game of pairs. Alongside this project their have been many more focusing on different areas. (Team-based group work of five people)