Linda Schultheis


During my MA I started to experiment with different formats of sound; audio and spoken word. Through that I developed a deep passion for podcasts and decided to start my own, and in the course of two years I produced two podcasts.

The first podcast is called DIGITALE(S) - Tales from the Digital which was my final graduation project for my Masters. To find out more, please have a look at the website ( and see the description below.

A collection of stories about digital media and its effects on people. The Podcast ‘Tales from the Digital’ explores the effects of digital technology on people and how they behave, think and feel. Based on real-world stories with users of digital technology, the podcast highlights the way that digital media can induce speculations and fictionalisations about our experiences in the online, and the offline world. It does this by asking people about their honest opinions and experiences of the digital world and explores their willingness to share these with others. This has been done in order to start a conversation about the complexities and nuances of a rapidly evolving theme. Each story highlights a different perspective on the topic. It is meant to be a starting point for a wider and more nuanced discussion, with the intention of neither showing just the positive or negative side. The intention is rather to observe, and subsequently have a collection of opinions, perspectives and experiences. Furthermore, it is an invitation for everyone to share their own story and by doing so, contribute to a collaborative digital archive.

Exhibition NOW;HERE at the Lethaby Gallery, 2018, London

The second podcast is called ‘Exchanged. A podcast about design and other problems’. The aim of this podcast is to  investigate  design but at the same time question design. It is a conversational podcast, where occasionally experts are invited to be interviewed.