Linda Schultheis


It seems the media tells us the worst on a daily basis. Whatever you hear, it‘s usually all the dreadful things. But isn’t there enough good in the world to outweigh the bad? Surely there is. Yet, most of the time, this good is overshadowed by negative headlines. Somewhere along the way, we‘ve stopped noticing all the beautiful things around us. We‘ve become numb. Shouldn’t we ask for some more beauty? The BitteSCHÖN (beautiful please) institute is aiming to restore exactly this attitude in people. It is the small things in our daily life which help us remember how beautiful our world is. The ambiguity of the German words (Bitteschön = You’re welcome, Bitte = Please, Schön = beautiful) is exactly what the project is about. Primarily, BitteSCHÖN demands more positivity in every aspect of life. Secondly, it gives without asking. The project is about small things and actions, no political discourse, no pointing at anyone looking for their errors and failures.