Linda Schultheis


Leave me alone, I am happy!

Over the course of this project I took a closer look at the topics luck, freedom, future and identity, and what they mean to us today. My main aim was to communicate with people in a positive way and, at the same time, talk to as many as possible. I ended up choosing public places as my working space and came up with 22 phrases describing my thoughts on the topics. Also, for each of the four different topics I chose matching ways of communicating the phrases. For instance, talking about „future“ I projected the words in public areas to create an association with technology and innovation.

Do document my work I used photography and since I wanted my work to create its own room for presentation I decided against having the images printed in a book or a magazine. I printed the images on single DIN A3 sheets which work independently, but interconnect with each other. On the back of these sheets I used typography and illustration, giving additional pieces of my thoughts to the observer.

Idea, concept, photography and animation in cooperation with Rebecca Widera.

Freedom is not always far away!

What is all this actually about?

So what is actually utopian?

After the sentences where placed in public spaces  photographs have been taken of each theme, which then had been printed on A3 sheets in order to be part of the exhibition DEMO in 2016 in Munich. If you turn all the A3's around you will find extra information, such as the coordinates of the places where the photo have been taken, illustrations and texts about each theme. All of the cards are connected with each other and they only make sense if you look at them all.