Linda Schultheis


Over the course of this project I took a closer look at the topics luck, freedom, future and identity, and what they mean to us. My main aim was to communicate with people in a positive way and, at the same time, talk to as many as possible. I ended up choosing public places as my working space and came up with 22 phrases describing my thoughts on the topics. Also, for each of the four different topics I chose matching ways of communicating the phrases. For instance, talking about „future“ I projected the words in public areas to create an association with technology and innovation.

Do document my work I used photography and since I wanted my work to create its own room for presentation I decided against having the images printed in a book or a magazine. I printed the images on single DIN A3 sheets which work independently, but interconnect with each other. On the back of these sheets I used typography and illustration, giving additional pieces of my thoughts to the observer.

Group work: Rebecca Widera